Turbi-Probe 4000+,  designed for cloudy waters


The Turbi-Probe 4000+ system is a on-line turbidity measurement probe that allows continuous and autonomous quality control of fresh water, waste water and industrial effluents. This probe is particularly suited to turbidity control on cloudy waters.
This system is made up of an Acetal measurement probe and a rechargeable battery pack (EFS 8554).

Application fields

  • Sewer water
  • Fresh water
  • Treatment plant water
  • Process water

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Turbi-Probe 4000+ characteristics

  • Quick and easy calibration
  • Glass wiper automatic cleaning
  • Digital sensor optical compensation
  • Transmission numérique des données du capteur
  • Scratch resistant window
  • Temperature measurement
  • Integrated datalogger
  • Very low power consumption

Turbidity measurement made by nephelometry according to ISO 7027

  • Measurement range: 0 - 4000 NTU
  • Résolution : 0.01 NTU

Probe usage

The probe can be plunged directly into the effluent to be analyzed or maintained in position by means of a pole. It has significant autonomy through battery pack (12 V / 20 Ah): carrying out a measurement every minute for one year. This sensor does not require special maintenance.

Turbi-Probe 4000 + : reference EFS 8677